South African multiculturals’ biggest nightmare

Hannes Engelbrecht
One common fear amongst liberals, Pan-Africanists, globalists and the politically-correct is that the whites and Afrikaners in particular become a political force in South Africa again. Like any con artist exposure lurks around every corner and if it is crucial that the “exposer” be fought with everything possible.
What do the con artists of the liberals, Africans and world order fear? They fear that their utopian rainbow nation, the dream world of multiculturism, the Mandela-happy and humanitarian lie be exposed as a failure. They fear that their get-rich-quick schemes and ineptitude be exposed.
The way to do it in South Africa is to awaken the white giant who can prove through history, reason and experience that their dream was nothing other than cotton wool. Big money and positions are at stake, reputations may be destroyed. The con artists may stand naked.
It is tough times when you try to unite as many whites as possible to stand up to be counted for self-determination. Expect undercover agents, expect slander, expect sly figures in the form of “attack dogs” in the murky waters of the social media. Whites, and again Afrikaners in particular, must be kept under reign and scattered, for a united front of 200 000 to 1 million may just expose the inadequaties of the brilliant multicultural scam.
Luckily there are two sides to the coin: in trying to stop the white unification you need white collaborators and… this is the Catch 22 – you only get the dregs. Want a quick buck? Join the existing system, for they are desperate to stop the white giant arising. Good heavens, Peter, look at what they did to Spur and Media24. We gotta stop this! Don’t worry, Sipho, there is a white secondhand car salesman from Pretoria North that claims he knows the top brass in the white community’s sister’s boyfriend. If that fails, we can always hire a wannabe Dutch or English amateur Bell Pottinger.
Rightists around the globe are watching the South African situation closely. They know that they are next in line, together with South Africa’s coloureds and Indians. Should we as Afrikaners fail to expose the con artists by just rolling over and dying, they are also doomed. They know the experiment in South Africa has failed dismally – they also wait for us to provide a solution of how to handle such a situation. Money, reputations and positions are at stake. Multicultural systems are at stake.
Front National is not only your biggest nightmare, it is also the little David collecting pebbles for the 2019 Goliath.